I love Mexican food and have really missed the tortilla chips, taco shells, and sour cream. I made my family tacos the other night and decided that instead of depriving myself, I would make SCD tacos. I used SCD yogurt with some lime juice as my sour cream, and lettuce “shells” instead of corn/flour tortillas.


1 lb ground beef or 3-4 chicken breasts cubed

1/2 cup tomato puree (I use Pomi products as they are Italian and must list all of their ingredients on the box. They can be found at any health food store. If you can’t find it then use SCD legal tomato juice)

1/8 tsp cayenne

1 tbsp cumin

1 tbsp chili powder

1/4 tsp paprika

pinch of red pepper flakes

1/2 tsp garlic salt

salt and pepper


For Beef

Brown beef over medium heat. Add tomato juice and all seasonings. Simmer until the juice has reduced, about 20 minutes.

For Chicken

Increase the tomato puree to 1 cup, then simmer all ingredients over medium-low heat for 2 hours, or until chicken is very tender

Serve wrapped in lettuce with

Cheddar and jack cheese

Homemade guacamole

SCD yogurt with lime/lemon juice

Fresh salsa

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