All Good Things Must Come To An End…

I’ve written on here before how all of my symptoms miraculously disappeared while I was pregnant. To my surprise, I continued to feel well after delivery and was fortunate enough to have a whole 18 months symptom free and eating whatever I wanted.

I’ve done some research into why this might be, and everything I’ve found suggests that when you’re pregnant, your immune system shuts down temporarily so the new baby inside won’t be rejected as a foreign object. UC is an autoimmune disease (meaning your immune system is in overdrive and fights battles that shouldn’t be fought), so the disease takes a break when your immune system does.

I guess the saying “All good things must come to an end,” holds true because the UC is knocking at my door again.  I’m not sure whether it was a hormonal shift that caused it, or a round of antibiotics I was put on for a severe infection, but something triggered it. Luckily it’s in the early stages and I learned from my past bouts that if I stick to the diet and catch it early enough, I shouldn’t end up hospitalized.

SO, I’m back on the bland and boring intro diet for a few days, then sailing back into the SCD world.  I have to admit, I’m kind of happy something is forcing to me to do it. All of that ice cream and pizza isn’t good for losing the baby weight!!  It’s so hard mentally to start the diet because you’ve been eating such yummy things for so long that your body is sort of addicted to them.  But, I find that my best recipes come when I miss a “regular” food. So the good news is I’m back to eating SCD and will be cooking and posting more regularly!

PS – only 8 pounds to go til pre-baby weight! I’ll keep you posted 🙂

3 Responses to “All Good Things Must Come To An End…”
  1. Kari Bitz says:

    Danielle, I just found your website from an e-mail of Jordan and Steve’s where I read your story. So happy for you on the discovery and success of SCD and your new baby. I was reading the above comment and just wanted to ask a question. When you say that you had 18 months of symptom free, eating whatever you wanted….was that eating anything scd illegal or legal? Just curious. Thanks

    • Danielle says:

      Hi Kari-

      Sorry for the confusion. No, I was symptom free for the 2 months on the diet and for the first couple of months of my pregnancy. Then, when the morning sickness hit and almond flour made my stomach turn, all I wanted was a saltine cracker or a piece of toast. They didn’t affect me so I heavily fell off of the SCD wagon. I ate whatever I wanted (and gained SO much weight!), but I figured if I was feeling well I may as well enjoy this time in my pregnancy. I was about 75% on the diet after my pregnancy, but just started having symptoms again (which I should have foreseen!) so am back on. I’m almost positive it happened either because of a hormonal shift when I decreased the frequency of nursing, or the antibiotic I was put on for mastitis. I was 100% symptom free and then 2 days after the first dose, all of a sudden was in a flare.

      I just completed the intro diet again (yuck!) and am adding in SCD foods again. I do however, believe that if I stick to it this time for the full 2 years, I can eat freely again like I did during my pregnancy. Although, after feeling the difference just in my energy and health from eating SCD, I don’t really ever plan to go back to the lifestyle of pizza and ice cream. I think I’ll stick to almond flour pizza and coconut milk ice cream, maybe with the occasional cheat of chocolate as it’s my favorite!

  2. Gustoso says:

    Antibiotic would be my bet.

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