New Recipes and Update on Health

My husband and I went to Mammoth Lakes for a wedding for the weekend and left our little guy for the first time! SO grateful to have our parents nearby and so willing to hang with him. We had a great time, but came back to a very sick little boy. Darn colds. We’re homebound for a few days so we don’t pass around the germs, although that would be really generous of us wouldn’t it? So, between wiping up snot and drool from being forced to breath through his mouth (appetizing right?), I am catching up on some baking/cooking for the week.

Of course I washed my hands first.

Here’s my little guy in all his snotty glory. Still smiling at least!

This week I’m making Vanilla Almond Granola, Trail Mix, and Berrylicious Baked Oatmeal. I need some quick breakfast ideas and snacks since I’m constantly chasing my little guy around and don’t have time to whip up anything fancy.

You’ll notice that some of my upcoming recipes will not be SCD legal. So before the recipes come, first an update on my health.

I got extremely sick.

Not going to go in to the gory details, but anyone with Crohn’s or UC will understand when I say 4 months, hospital stay, blood transfusion, and 25 pounds.

We fought the constant recommendations of Remicade and Prednisone and got things under control the natural (well somewhat) way. I started on a low dose of Naltrexone, tried the Nicotine Patch, and did another overhaul on my diet with a new ND. I was running at about 75% until the diet change. I can happily say that I am on the road to recovery and functioning at about 90%.

Long story short, there were some SCD foods that I was eating that were actually harming me. The biggest culprits were eggs and ALL dairy. It was a sad day when I gave up my beloved cheese, but I’m getting used to it. We did a blood allergy test and came up with over 25 foods that presented an elevated immune response in my body. Pretty crazy. So I’m avoiding all the things on my list for now (until the ND can work her voodoo magic and “desensitize” me of the allergies and then slowly reintroduce the foods back into my diet). I posted my list of no-no’s on my Facebook page.

SO, I’ve started eating a few NEW items that I had previously avoided but now realize don’t bother my system.  I know a lot of my readers are strict SCDers, so I will carefully label my recipes if I’m using something that isn’t legal, and will try to offer a substitution if it is possible.

Hopefully my blog can appeal to a little larger of a demographic now too!

2 Responses to “New Recipes and Update on Health”
  1. Candice says:

    About 8 months ago this happened to me. I had a great ND that did the same thing as yours and ran the test. Turned out after almost 2 years on SCD almost everything SCD I was eating came back on the list. Nuts, dairy, red meat, and eggs. Of course that was pretty much all I ate while on SCD. My doc sat me down and said, you deserve a metal for the time and energy you put into SCD and now it’s time to stop and try something else. I did and I have never been healthier. Within 3 weeks I was on my way to remission and have been ever since. While my time on SCD taught me a lot, it did not turn out to be a forever diet. I also have used the nict. patch for my UC and found it helpful. I tried LDN and had too many side effects. The truth is you have to crave out your own path and sometimes that means we don’t fit into the SCD box in order to heal.
    Take care and I will pray for remission for you!

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