I’d love to hear your success stories or to answer any questions you have about recipes, UC, or the SCD Diet.

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  1. Andrew Geonetta says:


    Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I enjoy (and appreciate!) your site! I too have UC and have had it for just over 9 years. I started on the SCD 3 months ago and, while I haven’t been absolutely symptom free, I haven’t felt better in years. I haven’t cheated per se, but I haven’t followed the rules 100% (i.e. I didn’t always cook my vegetables in those beginning stages, I didn’t take the skin off of apples, every once in a while I’d let myself have bacon on a salad I got from a restaurant, etc.). But I have definitely stuck to the hard principles.

    In any case, I wanted to pass along a quick recipe for you that you should be able to add to your desert section. It’s SCD safe “ice cream”. Yes, kind of strange, but it’s 100% SCD safe and extremely simple. All you need is:

    1 frozen banana (or 2, depending on how much of a serving you’d like)
    2 heaping scoops (I use a large cereal spoon) of SCD-safe peanut butter per banana used
    2 small cubes of ice (you can omit if your blender/processor doesn’t blend completely)

    1. Take everything and put it in a really strong blender or food processor
    2. Blend/process on a low speed until creamy

    It has the same texture as somewhere between ice cream & frozen yogurt and really filling.

    Hope you can use this contribution!


    • Danielle says:

      Hi Andrew!

      Thanks for the kind words! It’s been a fun adventure creating this site. I still have so many recipes to post, and so many more on my mind to try! Having a little one makes it a little more complicated!

      I too was not always 100% compliant with the rules. It’s so difficult! I actually severely fell off the band wagon during and after my pregnancy, but am now fully committed again. I do, however, think that a few things in the book may be dated and use a few organic canned products from Whole Foods as they have told me at the store that they require all ingredients to be written on the labels. I also use boxed Pomi tomatoes because I just found boiling down tomato juice (and non-organic Cambells for that matter!) to be too cumbersome.

      I’ve tried the banana ice cream but have never put peanut butter in it! That sounds fantastic. I’ll have to whip some up and take a picture before I post it, but I’d love to include it. Stay tuned because I have a chocolate peanut butter coconut ice cream recipe (not SCD but I used 100% cocao and sweetened it myself for my husband’s enjoyment) and then an SCD legal coffee ice cream with Almond milk to post as soon as I can get around to typing it out.

      • Andrew Geonetta says:

        Yes, I’ve found the same thing RE Whole Foods/canned goods. That’s another area where I’ve technically, according to the book, ‘cheated’. Specifically where you talk about tomatoes, I learned that using imported canned tomatoes is OK specifically because, apparently, in Europe the government requires 100% compliance with listing EVERYTHING in the can on the label.

        I’m in that phase now where I’m a little bored with food, so it seems fortuitous that I happened to stumble upon your site. The ice cream you talk about sounds pretty fantastic. I’ll definitely be looking for it.

        I also have a recipe I came up with for honey curry roasted chicken breasts that I’m happy to share with you. It’s another really easy one with some fantastic results. AND an asparagus & eggs w/ parmesan recipe that I think you might enjoy. I’m sure you have plenty of ideas for the direction you’re going, but feel free to holler if you’d like any other recipes that I have. I enjoy sharing whatever knowledge and results I happen to get out of all of this.


  2. Riz says:

    Hi Danielle

    I found your website via Jordan and Steve’s blog!
    I was diagnosed with UC last summer and was hospitalised for two weeks in February almost resulting in having surgery but thankfully I was given infliximab which helped me get over the worst of the flare up, I am on 3 different meds and I have been on the SCD diet since March and although I am still suffering and occasionally have cheated, as it is extremely hard for me being vegetarian and perhaps this is why I have not had the success that many others have. As I feel the diet is very restricted especially the intro diet, my main problem is finding exciting recipes that don’t taste too bland. Maybe you have some good ideas for someone like me or perhaps you can point me in the right direction.
    Living in the UK its not that easy to find some of the foods/ingredients as the website you list is amazing that sells loads of SCD safe foods, shame there is nothing like that here.
    Anyways I am glad I have found your site……

    best regards


  3. Raha says:

    Hi Danielle,

    Small world. I was on the SCD Lifestyle page and saw the feature on you with a picture of your husband and baby. I went to USC with Ryan and was on the Pre-Law Society board with him. I am not sure if he remembers me! I too suffer from UC and was diagnosed at 20, about five years ago. I was doing well with Asacol and rarely had a flare. However, once I started law school two years ago, I began having more frequent bouts with it. This past month, I flared up and it seemed to be getting a little worse. I found Elaine’s book and have been following the diet for the past few weeks. I definitely feel a lot better with it although I am still using the Asacol now. I really appreciate your site as I am slowly trying to familiarize myself with everything and come up with more exciting meals. It is hard to maintain a semblance of a social life on this diet so I am trying to find the balance with that. Also, cooking every meal while in law school isn’t easy. I haven’t had anyone to discuss the diet with and I have some questions so I hope I can ask you, since it seems you have been following it for some time and have good experience with it. Please say hello to Ryan for me and congratulations on your baby! You all make a beautiful family! Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Danielle says:

      Hi Raha – very small world! Ryan says hello. You’re welcome to email me at againstallgrain at gmail. com with any questions you have! There’s a lot of information on Elaine’s website, but it is definitely nice to talk to someone personally.

  4. Lauren Beavers says:

    Hi! I was also diagnosed with UC at age 21. I am now 22 and I recently stumbled upon your site after reading your testimony on the scdlifestyle website. I checked “Breaking the Vicious Cycle” out from the library last night and have began reading it. I am anxious to get started but worry about the long(ish)-term lifestyle of the diet because I am in three weddings this year and will in turn go on three “bachelorette trips” and realize it will be hard to cook while somewhere else on vacation while everyone else is going out to eat. Have you found any dishes at any restaurants that are SCD-friendly? I live in the U.S.A. I am so glad you have this resource with so many recipes!

  5. Alannah says:

    Love the biscuits . How do you soften the coconut oil?

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